May 24, 2018 22:35

A. Phellas Shipping Ltd can provide high standard STS equipment, personnel and Inspection support through co-operation with local and international STS Operators.


  • On the services please put on the box only the Shipping & Forwarding. Others to be removed as we have them already on the main page of shipping (when you select it).
  • Also when you click on shipping to have the choice in separate box to choose between Cyprus, Malta, Greece.
  • In the shipping please remove YOUR RELIABLE shipping partner and put EXPERIENCE, SERVICE and security round the clock.
  • In the weather forecast please put YOUR RELIABLE shipping partner and adds also Valletta port and Limnos Island.
  • If it’s possible please change the photo from offshore services and put something like a tug boat or supply vessel.


Members of: Famagusta Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Cyprus Shipping Association, Cyprus Freight Forwarders Association.

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